Mamma mia! Dai Questura!

What a wonderful day to go to the Questura! Or so i thought. Ok so for those of you who are not familiar with the Italian Questura, I shall briefly explain what purpose it serves, or doesn’t in my case.

Essentially if you’re a foreigner living in Italy, you must apply for this permit of stay in order to be able to study/work legally. You go there on a previously assigned date, wait your turn, show your documents, and just go home to wait for an sms to inform you that the permesso is ready to pick up. Sounds easy, no? For some, maybe. For me, NEVER! I won’t bore you with details of my previous permesso disasters, not yet at least. Anyway, this time around is a little frustrating as I don’t know for how long I’m staying in Italy and want to be able to travel around Europe :(.

Great scenery, no?
Great scenery, no?

So my appointment was meant to be on the 5th of March but was sent an message informing me that this has been moved to the 26th of March. This brings us to today, finally questura time. Went there earlier than what i was told was my appointment. I feared that they would ask to see the sms one normally receives when they first apply for matters to do with the permesso. The problem is that i no longer have that message on account of having to change phones so much lately, more on that later. That one is a dozzy i must say.

Funnily enough, when i got there, i was not handed a number but instead asked to show them the appointment message. Ta-da! After waiting to speak with someone for an hour or two, I was assigned a new appointment a MONTH from now! Why? I have no idea as the dude at the counter seemed to know less than i did. comforting of course. I had to run off to get to work on time and will be returning tomorrow for round two or is it three? I seem to have lost count.

Oh well.. Gotta wait a few more hours to get those pesky answers! At least I got to see these beautiful flowers on my way back. Made the morning less awful over all.

P.S.: I’m a little late in posting this because I have one of the shittiest internet services, Wind, at home but that’s a story for another day.

Spring is upon us
Spring is upon us

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